The Hebrew Hammer

Oh wow I’ve fucked up this time. Gigantic mistakes have been made here. In fact, this is a whole new level of fucking up. What the fuck was I thinking? These are the thoughts that went through my mind as I lay there, drenched in sweat that is not all mine on the matted floor … Continue reading The Hebrew Hammer


The Ropemaker Redemption

I’m free. I haven’t grown tired of repeating that phrase just yet. It may come as a shock to those of you who regularly read my melodramatic tirades, but I wasn’t a huge fan of my job. No really, I know this is the last thing you expected after all my pissing and moaning but … Continue reading The Ropemaker Redemption


It’s been quite some time since I published anything. You’ll have to excuse me, I mean, it was beer garden weather and Pokemon Go had just come out ( - sorry not sorry). If I’m to be totally honest, I’ve hit a bit of a writing block. When I first decided to broadcast my existential … Continue reading 391