Good Morning, neVatim!

The Beer Sheva skyline becomes hazy and small against the surprisingly blue December horizon until the unending plane of wasteland brown is all that’s left. A neglected dusty road winds our path through the rolling hills of this godforsaken world like a scene out of Mad Max. The desolate horizon disturbed momentarily by a metal … Continue reading Good Morning, neVatim!


Fear and Loathing in Sde Dov

A man decides to serve his country. He decides to be all he can be. He decides to stop feeling like a foreigner in the country he was born. He decides that this is one time-pressed dream he can’t leave unfulfilled. It was two days after my name was read out in that briefing room. … Continue reading Fear and Loathing in Sde Dov

Top Gun

‘What the fuck is wrong with me?!’ It’s four in the morning and I’m in the middle of the desert. I’ve just been dragged out of bed for the third time tonight and brought to ‘The Crawls’ Hill. After seventeen laps of crawling, I’ve finally been allowed to stop. I feel like I’m about to … Continue reading Top Gun