Posts on posts on posts of my egocentric rants yet you’ve found yourself here looking to find out more?

Someone get my mum on the phone, I’m taking this one as a win.

Now before this goes to my head, I’ll tell you I’m an overly-analytical, opinionated 23 year-old man pretending to have his shit together. Someone made the mistake of being polite and complimenting my writing so I gave this blogging thing a go.

So thank you for giving me the attention I always craved (there is hope, middle children!) and if you want to carry on reading about my quarter-life crisis littered with movie references and a general disdain for growing old, please go right ahead.

Whether I changed your life or you’re wondering where to send those death threats, you can leave a comment, send me a message through the contact page or hit me up on @SamRabinovitz  – I’d love to hear from you!